"Throwback To The 60's" is unlike any other concert-style band you will experience. As the Director Of Events at Foxwoods Casino, CT stated "I love the vignettes!" Our sets are non-stop medleys that fire the 60's hits so intertwined you'll never know where one stops and the other begins.

Your eyes will never leave the stage, whether it's the costume changes, the lava lamps, the video screens or the vintage Vox Super-Beatle amps, we offer the true to life memories of all those great jangly/psychedelic 60s bands. Or then again, it may be Suzy's cool white go-go boots, of course "made for walkin."

The "Throwback To The 60's show is where a "splendid time is guaranteed for all."


Contact the band at L&L Productions, Artists Management, Email: info@throwbacktothe60s.com